Lovely Varughese’s son, Pravin, is found dead in a heavily wooded area near his college campus in the dead of winter. Lovely, along with the rest of the community, is told by the officials that his cause of death is hypothermia. 
    Days later, upon first viewing Pravin’s body in preparation for his burial, the funeral director notices undeniable bruises and deep gashes on Pravin’s body and immediately notifies the family which prompts Lovely to have an independent autopsy conducted by Dr. Margolis, the director of The Autopsy Center of Chicago. From his findings it is revealed that Pravin in fact did not die of hypothermia but from blunt force trauma. 
    Devastated, Lovely begins an intense search for the truth of what she believes may have happened. Although mounting evidence shows that Pravin’s death was likely no accident, Lovely has no success with convincing the State’s Attorney pursue a criminal investigation.
    Due to systemic flaws and what appears to be possible corruption within the judicial process, Lovely’s quest for justice for her son becomes an uphill battle destined for defeat as she experiences many setbacks and constant frustration from uncooperative officials. 
    Along her search, Lovely meets Larry Young, a resident of Carbondale who lost his daughter, Molly Young, in 2012 also under suspicious circumstances. He too is facing an uphill battle in attaining justice for her death. They find that their experiences dealing with the authorities have haunting similarities and
begin to support one another. 
    Joined by a growing community of supporters and sympathizers, Lovely continues her search with fearless determination down to what appears to be a road to nowhere. 3 years later, with dwindling resources and limited time to keep the case open, Lovely finally catches a break with the Special Prosecutor,  appointed by Jackson County, who uncovers substantial evidence in his comprehensive investigation that could put a stop to years of injustice.


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