Teresa Henderson, Found Dead in a Wooded area, 11/30/2014

Cause of Death According to Jackson County Coroner’s Office.  - Hypothermia

The daughter of a woman who was found in a wooded area behind a trailer court in Murphysboro on Monday believes her mom could still be alive had police acted sooner

A coroner says a woman found dead in Dec. 2014 had hypothermia, according to the forensic pathologist

Jackson Co. Coroner Dr. Thomas W. Kupferer says it was the opinion of the forensic pathologist that the death of Teresa Henderson was attributed to environmental hypothermia. 

Her blood was negative for alcohol, toxins or drugs of abuse. 

In addition although there were multiple bruises and cuts present consistent with a recent assault or injury. According to the Pathologist, these were superficial and noncontributory to the cause of death.

The examination was conducted by Forensic Pathologist James M. Jacobi, M.D