Mission Statement

We’ve committed ourselves to use our talents as filmmakers to make films that matter. We need to hear stories like Lovely’s. By hearing helping Lovely to tell her story in cinematic form, we get an intimate glimpse of the challenges of a system that was designed to protect us in circumstances such as Pravin’s death. Now that the flaws are exposed, as a community we can call to action the changes that need to transpire for a movement towards change for the better.

Perspective of the Documentary

"As filmmakers, our goal in producing this documentary is to not take on the role of investigative reporters. We are not doing this film as an effort to find out who is guilty and who is not when it comes to Pravin's death. Our goal is to follow Lovely's journey in finding the answers to what she feels is an incomplete, misguided narrative provided by law enforcement and the State's officials, along with the obstacles that she encounters along the way."

-Joe Jones (Producer)

Progress to Date

We've had a successful Phase I of production. We've attained interviews with several elected officials, along with extensive interviews with Lovely Varughese and other key figures that play a role in Lovely's journey to find truth. We've captured some very emotional moments and moments that gives the viewer an intimate view of what it's like to walk in Lovely's shoes as she takes her journey.

We are gearing up for the next phase of production which will lead us to the editing and post production.


scenes in the film

In an emotional scene, we capture Lovely Varughese and her family going to the heavily wooded area on the 2 year anniversary night of Pravin's disappearance to answer the question, "Could Pravin have wondered 400 yards into the woods on a night in sub-zero temperatures?"

Ashley, Pravin's cousin and closest friend recaps his entire night with Pravin, answering key questions regarding what Pravin did each moment up until disappearance. 

Memorial service 2 years after Pravin's death. Joined by a community of supporters, the varughese family mourns the loss of pravin

Lovely Varughese keeps Pravin's story alive, taking to the community, elected officials and addressing the City Council.